Monday, January 28, 2019


  1. Install our application and make your PC earn for you when you don't play games or simply use the PC
  2. We will check your graphics card and processor and choose the best crypto currently to be mined
  3. For every single minute of mining we will add cash to your account, which can be withdrawn with Paypal, Payoneer or Webmoney
* Estimated value of possible earnings based on BTC exchange rate from 21/05/2018. Please note that the values are subject to change on a daily basis.


Your graphic card is not the strongest one? Don't worry - we have you covered!
Our application can also use your processor/CPU to mine crypto currency.

  1. Our app is as easy as it can be - simply install it and start mining cryptocurrencies
  2. You can make money when watching movies or browsing the web. Mining cryptocurrency automatically stops when you start to play a game so that you can enjoy gaming.
  3. You mine cryptocurrencies but for your convenience convert them into $ that you can withdraw Paypal, Payoneer or Webmoney.
It looks like you just tried to download Miner on an device which is not supported.
Our application works fully on 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. It also works on 32 bit Windows but not with Radeon graphic cards.
In case you do not have such device you can still use one of many other services we provide to make money :)

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Giveaway Trading platform PrimeXBT $1M

PrimeXBT, an advanced trading platform cryptocurrency with adjustable leverage up to 1:100, which can be used on both long and short positions, conducting a large-scale distribution of $1,000,000 in bitcoins.
In order to participate in AirDrop, the user must register on the official website of the platform –
After registration, each participant receives a 50% discount on Commission when trading for a period of 1 month. By the way, registration and opening account on the platform is free, the minimum Deposit is 0.001 BTC or about $40 at the exchange rate at the end of 2018. Additionally, each member gets early access to trading on the platform.

In his personal account registered user receives a referral link which you can share on social networks, on Reddit, Bitcointalk and Telegram. Then paste it into a review on YouTube, Medium, Steemit and other blog platforms or streaming platforms. Everyone who came through your referral link also gets a Commission discount 50%. For each invited user you get points the more points, the bigger your final payout.

Prizes are as follows:
👉 1st place – $250,000 in BTC;
👉 2nd place – $100 000 in BTC;
👉 3rd place – $50,000 in BTC;
👉 from 4th to 10th place – $18,000 in BTC;
👉 from 11 to 100 place – $400 in BTC;
👉 from 101 to 1 000 place – $200 in BTC;
👉 with 1 001 – 10 000 place – $40 in BTC.

The money won can be used as start-up capital on the platform PrimeXBT and earn cryptocurrency on the market regardless of whether the market falls or rises. This is possible thanks to the adjustable leverage from 1:1 to 1:100. You will be able not only to operate the sum in 100 times more starting capital, but can earn up to 100 times more than other commercial areas where a maximum leverage of only 1:5.
In addition to the above advantages, trading platform PrimeXBT has a number of significant features, which help traders to comfortable and successful trade:

⟴    The lack of KYC procedures. Customers PrimeXBT not required to prove their identity, as all calculations are performed in crypto-currencies, and the platform supports the right to privacy inherent in the concept of cryptocurrencies;
⟴   Aggregated liquidity from 12 suppliers provides traders the best price with no slippage and “glitches” regardless of how big capital controls the trader;
⟴   The possibility of opening opposite positions and short orders with a leverage of 1:100. Simply put, PrimeXBT provides a way to hedge risks, in contrast to other marketplaces and cryptocurrency exchanges;
⟴    Customizable trading terminal for your needs. You can use intuitive layout with more than one monitor, widget monitor active orders and more;
⟴   For the convenience of traders developed the mobile application for smartphones and tablets based on operating systems iOS and Android. You can always stay in the market and instantly open orders, even hundreds of kilometers away from the workplace;
⟴  In case of any questions or problems, traders work round the clock customer support, which operates without breaks and days off, as quickly as possible by solving the problems of clients;
Multi-level security system, which includes two-factor authentication, SSL-encryption, cryptographic hashing of passwords, storing of funds in cold wallets and much more, will ensure the safety of traders ‘ money and preserves confidentiality.

In order to evaluate the entire spectrum of platform capabilities and qualify for a raffle $1 000 000, you need to pass free registration on the official website to receive a 50% discount on Commission when trading, early access to the trading platform and the most important thing a referral link which will help you to score points and win prizes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

GIVEAWAYS! Crypto airdrops gone wild! Bounty season has started!

We are pleased to announce that we have FOUR NEW BOUNTIES/CONTESTS starting now! WOLF, BKS, C4L and DOGP!! Four totally different projects, all giving you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency!

As always, thank you for all of your support! Check out the bounties below!
☝ 10,000 WOLF COIN BOUNTY! ☝
Bitkontacts is a 100% STAKING Cryptocurrency and it is awesome! Check them out!
Crypto4Likes is a brand new social media platform and a good reason do #deletefacebook! Add me as a friend when you sign up! My name is Bjammerboy on their platform!
Dogecoin Private is a true community coin! The project is about having fun and teaching people about cryptocurrency!
QUOT bounty is giving away a ton of coins and not only that their ARB pool is almost ready! Get ready for moon!
EVO AI Bounty is doing well and the project is in their second BETA Test so watch this project closely!
Market Arbitrage bounty has been extended until the end of January. We are also raising the total to 3,000 MARC.
DACH coin EPIC bounty campaign for 15,000 DACH has been extended until January 31st.
Stakinglab Coin Bounty has added more prizes! Now earn BND, LPC, LRM and LGS!!

Join my Discord server for the latest airdrops and bounties.


FortFC provides deep liquidity of the highest quality for the operations with crypto-currencies at the best market prices available at the moment.

Fort Financial Crypto Benefits

High Demand

The FortFC aggregator entails high demands for its users with the fact that conservative estimates state that more than €25,000,000.00 tokens will be purchased out in a period of five years.

Loyal Customers

The solution that FortFC provides has been useful to more than two thousand individuals as well as corporate clients and helped them in making good financial decisions.

Rich History

The project itself has a rich history in that it is an affiliate of International FFS Holding, which has been in operation since the year 2010.

Reliability Assurance

The reliability of operations of FortFC is assured to the customers in such a way that FFS holdings contains the IFSC license and is on the way of getting the FSC and FCA licenses as well.

How to Apply:

    Register a New account at FortFC (
    Verify your identity
    Join/subscribe in their social media pages

Terms & Conditions – FortFC NO DEPOSIT TOKENS

The token is only available for the new clients. All FoftFS clients get the Automated verification done!

Fort Financial Crypto FFCT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

    Token symbol: FFCT
    Token sale date: 16 FEB 2019- 31 JUL 2019
    accepted payment method: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP, BCH, DASH, Local Bank Wire, Bank Card
    Total Token supply: 300,000,000.00 FFCT
    ICO: 231,000,000.00 FFCT
    Soft Cap: €2,000,000.00
    Hard Cap: €25,000,000.00

2018 Annual Story: Your Story With OXBTC !

Dear OXBTC users,

The year of 2018  is coming to an end, and so many things have happened around this year.
It is a great honor to be hand on and witness to a bright new beginning for cryptocurrency. Nowdays the whole network difficulty droped by 9.56%, which means in the next two weeks our miners can earn higher mining income. It is adsolutely a good news for all of us in such a bear market! We should move on and wish a better new era for cryptocurrency! OXBTC has experienced many big events this year, and let us take a brife look:

Brand-New Version For OXBTC

New Cloud Mining Contract of ETH-B3

New Cloud Mining Contract of BTC-S9

World Cup Final Prediction

Buy Contracts and Share BTC

Electricity Fee Adjustment

Official OXBTC Telegram Group

Global Ambassadors Recruitment 

Black Friday Sales 

USD Payment Support

New Cloud Mining Contract of BTC-S15

Contract Update

Annual Story Reward

We would like to invite you to wirte your story with OXBTC in those three form:


Whatever you are new to OXBTC or familar with OXBTC, please leave your thoughts, comments or suggestions about us, and those really matter. We want to invite you to join our annual acticity, and 20 lucky dogs will share the Big Reward of $350.


How to join the Annual Story?

Content Form:

Choose any form: Post(Less than100 characters)/Article(More than 200 characters)/Videos(More than 1 mins), your story can be a review , suggestion, or anything you want to say to OXBTC.


You can tell your story with OXBTC in your social account, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Steemit, Blog, BitcoinTalk Form, etc.


Your story should mention OXBTC or the website of OXBTC (Please add the link of OXBTC in your content). 


It will last until the date of Jan. 1st 2019. Please send your story link or screenshot to email:, the reward will be made public in those channel in the date of Jan. 3rd 2019.


Also we will share those stories with you in TG, please Join our TG for more discussion: Telegram ( Come here and join us !
OXBTC has been providing reliable cloud mining services for global 600,000 customers for 4 years! And we will continue to deliver most competitive cloud mining products and better customer services in the future.

Get first-hand information from:

Facebook: OXBTC (
Twitter: @oxbitcoin(

Monday, January 21, 2019



Hello ,
Vote for LBTC and IBTC to be listed on Buzzex exchange and earn 500 BZX for each vote and 1000 BZX for two votes, one on each coin.
1. follow this link to signup, verify your account and vote for IBTC to earn 500($65) Click this link to vote at
2. follow this link to vote for LBTC to earn 500($65) Click this link to vote at
Total of 1000 BZX for Two votes on IBTC and LBTC. 
To earn more BZX you have to vote more other coins to 500 BZX per vote
Dont miss this you will sell your coin once the exchange is launched next month. Good Luck.

Friday, January 18, 2019

UniDAX Referral Reward, Collect Up To 60 USDT Reward

Free coins here! The easiest rewards, using referrals to receive up to 60 USDT! Completely Free! During the giveaway period, get a friend to register on UniDAX and complete KYC. Each successful completion gets you up to 1 USDT as a reward (Up to 10 USDT total). Upon completing the related advanced referral tasks, the referrer can open the red envelope (lucky money pack) to get further big rewards (Up to 50USDT). The more friends referred, the more rewards you get! Start sharing now!

Activity URL:
Activity Time: January 14th, 2019 , the ending time of the giveaway is at the discretion of the platform announcement.
UniDAX official telegram group:
Activity Rules:
1.Each referrer can receive 1USDT (up to 10USDT) for referring a new user through the activity link to register and compete KYC during the event.
2.Upon completing the related advanced referral task , the referrer can open the red envelope (lucky money pack) to get USDT rewards (Up to 50USDT).
3.Referred friends need to register on the event page to count for event rewards.
4. The event only supports users to participate through the mobile phone.
5.The USDT collected can be viewed in “Activity Account”under"Assets" page on UniDAX. USDT can only be unfrozen when the accumulated amount reaches 12USDT.
6.New users can redeem 30UNX in "UNX page" on UniDAX after registration, in addition, another 60 UNX can be claimed upon completing the KYC.
7.Due to Chinese regional policy,referring users from China (Excluding Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan)  will not be rewarded. 
8. UNIDAX has the right to disqualify any user deemed cheating or using inappropriate behaviour.
9.UNIDAX  reserve the right to change , suspend or terminate the promotion or its terms and conditions at its sole discretion.
For any questions, please  add and contact our WeChat customer service first for consultation:  "unidax01 "

Thank you for your support for UniDAX!

UniDAX Team
January 14, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

WHIRL onepager (public) ENG

What is WHIRL?

WHIRL is a socially driven, “pay it forward”-style crowdfunding platform that’s built on the blockchain. On WHIRL, you can only submit a fundraising campaign after you’ve donated to others, creating a positive feedback loop of generosity. WHIRL is inspired by historic community giving funds, but uses blockchain technology to enable anyone to participate, regardless of currency or geography. WHIRL is reinventing philanthropy by helping global nonprofits and charitable organizations access a new source of capital.

WHIRL’s mission

WHIRL is improving the lives of people around the world by giving them a new, better way to raise money for their projects, passions, and obligations, without having to ship rewards, ask friends and family for donations, or take out expensive loans. WHIRL is connecting people with one-another in mutual self-support, regardless of what they need money for, where they’re from, or who they are. 

What makes WHIRL different?

WHIRL is the only crowdfunding platform that’s built on mutual self-support. Fundraisers raise money without shipping rewards or asking friends and family for charity. Backers earn karma points, which enable them to create their own fundraising campaigns later and determine their campaign’s position in WHIRL’s launch queue.

WHIRL only allows a limited number of campaigns to raise money at once, ensuring that everyone gets to share equally in the limelight. Active campaigns get chosen by a fair and transparent queue. This system solves one of the biggest problems facing crowdfunding today: declining success rate. (In the beginning, WHIRL will only list one project a time, but as the community grows that number will ramp-up proportionally.)

WHIRL is a socially-driven platform that gives special attention and platform benefits to campaigns by confirmed charitable organizations.

Because WHIRL is built on the blockchain, it’s truly global and facilitates payments with cryptocurrency in addition to fiat. There’s much less risk of fake donors, chargebacks, or banking friction. And fees are far lower than traditional crowdfunding platforms.

How WHIRL works

    In the beginning, WHIRL will list one fundraising campaign at a time to maximize exposure. Campaigns can cover any category (within WHIRL’s terms of service), from help paying medical bills to support starting or expanding a business.

    You can donate to campaigns directly with crypto or fiat. In return, you’ll receive 7 karma points for every dollar you spend. If you own WHIRL’s cryptocurrency, WRL, you’ll earn 10 karma per dollar. (Supporting the campaign with partner crypto, like KICK, will earn you 8.5 karma per dollar.) If you donate to a campaign from a featured nonprofit or charitable organization, you earn a bonus to karma.

    Once you reach 500 karma, you’re eligible to submit a campaign of your own. Tell WHIRL more about your campaign and fill out a KYC form. A moderator will review the campaign and, if it complies with site guidelines, they’ll approve it for the queue.

    If you work for a recognized nonprofit or charity organization, WHIRL will give your campaign access to one of two special featured placements. WHIRL will also waive platform fees, fast-track your placement, and incentivize backers with bonus karma.

    WHIRL uses a fair and transparent queuing system that prioritizes those with the most karma, but won’t forget you if you’ve been waiting a long time. No matter what, if you’ve entered the queue, your campaign will get listed.

    Sometimes, disaster strikes and funds are needed quickly. If your fundraising campaign ties directly to an urgent humanitarian crisis (like a natural disaster), WHIRL can fast-track it.

    Once your campaign has finished fundraising, your karma resets and the next campaign goes live. Now that you’ve had a successful raise, you’ll be excited to support others and immediately begin to work your way back to a new campaign. WHIRL anticipates that 90% of campaign creators will immediately begin the process anew.

Charitable Giving

Reinventing social giving and philanthropy is one of WHIRL's core values. WHIRL will partner with leading non-profit organizations to give them white glove access to the platform. These organizations will pay no campaign listing fees and have their campaigns featured in a special "charity" slots. WHIRL members who donate to these campaigns will also receive a major Karma boost.
Market opportunity
  •     Global dollars spent on crowdfunding platforms in 2018: $9.37 billion
  •     Projected dollars spent by 2022: $26 billion
  •     Average funding per campaign in 2018: $1,065
  •     Number of campaigns in 2018: 8.8 million
  •     Projected number of campaigns in 2022: 17.25 million
  •     Largest market: China, followed by the U.S. and the EU

Private Round     1 Sept 2018
Tokensale        26 Nov 2018

Whitelist & private round:
Press inquiries:
Telegram eng:

Monday, January 14, 2019

Distribution of WTXT Airdrop Completed 🎁

World Trip Singapore Completes the Distribution of the World Trip Xperience Token (WTXT) Airdrop

Dear everyone,

We would like to announce that our airdrop has been successfully completed. The official token WTXT, based on ERC20, was airdropped to over 6000 airdrop and bounty program participants. Participants may check the amount of WTXT received in their personal Ethereum wallets.

Here is what our community has said about us:

Please continue to support our project and follow us on social media!



How many people have participated in our airdrop?

Over 7,000 people have participated in our airdrop.

Why didn’t I receive my airdrop tokens?

If you have not received your expected amount of tokens in your personal ETH wallet, it could be one of the following reasons:

  1. Your application was declined by our team for a violation of our Campaign Rules
  2. You did not input a valid ETH wallet address 
  3. You signed up after the airdrop ended

However if you think you have successfully completed the airdrop tasks and weren’t allocated the WTX tokens, you can send an email to or PM one of our Telegram admins with subject line “Airdrop Inquiry” in which you detail the situation and we will get back to you.

When will WTXT be listed in exchanges?
The matter is being managed by our team and we are laying down the groundwork for that. Announcements will be made in due time.

How can I use WTXT after the ICO?
WTXT would be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges at which point you can buy additional tokens or sell the ones you have. WTXT can also be used for services within the WTS network. Additional information regarding the usage of WTXT within the WTS ecosystem can be found in our Whitepaper and website.

When will World Trip Singapore beta be live?

You can express your interest by signing up here. Participants in the beta can receive 100 WTXT (only Singaporeans and Singapore PRs may apply).

What Is World Trip Singapore?

World Trip Singapore (WTS) will revolutionize the tourism industry. WTS is a social travel platform connecting travelers and tour guides to create unforgettable travel experiences, and thus a brand-new model of travel.
WTS builds speedy and high-quality information via customer to customer (C2C), allowing travelers to reach out to tour providers to obtain information and bypass the middlemen (online travel agencies).

WTS is not a tour of popular places based on a schedule and price, but rather, a system offering a fair price to individuals or groups looking for connection, experience, and fun.

Be sure to follow our social media so you won't miss any updates.

Presale 40% Promotion Is On!

World Trip Xperience Token (WTXT) Specification

WTXT, based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), acts as a payment and transaction currency for WTS.