Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2018 Annual Story: Your Story With OXBTC !

Dear OXBTC users,

The year of 2018  is coming to an end, and so many things have happened around this year.
It is a great honor to be hand on and witness to a bright new beginning for cryptocurrency. Nowdays the whole network difficulty droped by 9.56%, which means in the next two weeks our miners can earn higher mining income. It is adsolutely a good news for all of us in such a bear market! We should move on and wish a better new era for cryptocurrency! OXBTC has experienced many big events this year, and let us take a brife look:

Brand-New Version For OXBTC

New Cloud Mining Contract of ETH-B3

New Cloud Mining Contract of BTC-S9

World Cup Final Prediction

Buy Contracts and Share BTC

Electricity Fee Adjustment

Official OXBTC Telegram Group

Global Ambassadors Recruitment 

Black Friday Sales 

USD Payment Support

New Cloud Mining Contract of BTC-S15

Contract Update

Annual Story Reward

We would like to invite you to wirte your story with OXBTC in those three form:


Whatever you are new to OXBTC or familar with OXBTC, please leave your thoughts, comments or suggestions about us, and those really matter. We want to invite you to join our annual acticity, and 20 lucky dogs will share the Big Reward of $350.


How to join the Annual Story?

Content Form:

Choose any form: Post(Less than100 characters)/Article(More than 200 characters)/Videos(More than 1 mins), your story can be a review , suggestion, or anything you want to say to OXBTC.


You can tell your story with OXBTC in your social account, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Steemit, Blog, BitcoinTalk Form, etc.


Your story should mention OXBTC or the website of OXBTC (Please add the link of OXBTC in your content). 


It will last until the date of Jan. 1st 2019. Please send your story link or screenshot to email: official@oxbtc.com, the reward will be made public in those channel in the date of Jan. 3rd 2019.


Also we will share those stories with you in TG, please Join our TG for more discussion: Telegram (https://t.me/oxbtcofficial) Come here and join us !
OXBTC has been providing reliable cloud mining services for global 600,000 customers for 4 years! And we will continue to deliver most competitive cloud mining products and better customer services in the future.

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Email: support@oxbtc.com
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