Saturday, December 29, 2018

【💰BOUNTY】【BTC2】【EXCHANGE LISTED】Bitcoin 2, PoS 🔥 Anonymous ⚡️Instant TX


Bitcoin 2 is a scalable Bitcoin fork with private transactions and instant verified payments. It is open source, anonymous, fast and is based on the latest thoroughly tested Proof of Stake algorithm. More info at has come up with some bounties to help promote Bitcoin 2. Payouts are in BTC2. BTC2 can be currently traded at Crex24 and Forkonex. More exchange listings and ways to spend BTC2 are coming.

The last day of submitting all your entries is February 28 2019 (23:59 GMT). That is the day when all the campaigns end. Entries after that will not be eligible for payment.

Payments for the actions done and reported before January 29 will be made between January 29 and February 15. And the rest of the payments will be made between March 1 and March 14.

General Terms & Conditions:

1. Posting links or information to other projects or businesses in our communication channels or in our ANN thread or this thread will result in a ban and earnings forfeited.

2. Using multiple accounts, cheating, or spamming are not allowed and will result in termination of your bounty stakes and membership.

3. We reserve the right to remove you from the Bitcoin 2 Bounty Campaign if we feel you're being dishonest, using BOTS or spamming social media or the forum.

4. We reserve the right to change the rules and terms of the Bitcoin 2 Bounty Campaign at any time, with an official announcement following. However, if you already earned 10 BTC2 for example and after that we change the rates to 5 BTC2, you would still get the 10 BTC2.

5. Spamming, scamming or unintelligent discussions in our channels will result in a ban.

6. Your Bitcointalk Activity number needs to be 15 or higher before joining to participate in any of these campaigns, except the logo design.

The terms above apply to all groups, plus the rules to each specific group.

Starter Campaign:

Terms & Conditions:

1. Only users who didn't participate in our first bounty campaign can join the starter campaign. All other campaigns are open for everyone.
2. Take a screenshot that shows your public BTC2 address that you want to get paid to. On the Bitcoin 2 Core wallet or the BTC2 Staking Web Wallet.
3. Subscribe to our newsletter. (The join form is at the bottom of every page on our website.)
4. Follow our Twitter and retweet or tweet about Bitcoin 2.
5. Subscribe to our Reddit and/or like our Facebook page.
6. Reply to this thread saying that you completed the Starter campaign with a link to the screenshot and the public BTC2 address written in plain text. No need to embed the image. Along with your Twitter username, Reddit username or Facebook name and the first 8 letters of your email address that you used to sign up to the newsletter, or all of the letters before the @ sign if you prefer.

Payment Structure

For those who completed it on January 6 2019 or before and had activity of 15 or higher:
15 BTC2 if it's a Bitcoin 2 Core wallet address.
Or 10 BTC2 if it's a web wallet address.

For those with Bitcointalk member rank of a newbie, without copper membership who completed the Starter campaign on January 7 or after:
6 BTC2 if it's a Bitcoin 2 Core wallet address.
Or 4 BTC2 if it's a web wallet address.

For others:
7.5 BTC2 if it's a Bitcoin 2 Core wallet address.
Or 5 BTC2 if it's a web wallet address.

Discord Campaign:

Terms & Conditions:

1. First of all join our Discord channel and remain in the channel.
2. Generate a new invitation link and set it to "never expire". Then share your link as much as you can, but not by email spam or in places where it is prohibited to do so and not right next to someone else's invite to the Bitcoin 2 discord channel.
3. Follow the rules of our Discord channel. If you get banned from there, you won't be paid for the Discord campaign.
4. Only the real people who you invited to our Discord Channel and remain there at the time that we count the payments will be counted.
5. You need to invite a minimum of 3 real unique people to get paid.
6. You must first complete the Starter Campaign or indicate in the form that you already joined our previous bounty campaign.
7. Add to your Starter campaign completed post or post a new reply here that you joined the Discord campaign, with your Discord username or invite link.
8. Due to the high amount of fakes, before payout dates, inactive users who have not logged in to the server in the last 7 or 30 days (which number of days we choose is to be determined), will be pruned from the server. Kicked and not rewarded.
9. If the account of someone that you invited was created on January 6 2019 or after, we may choose not to count that invite. (So inviting brand new accounts might not reward anything, due to fakes).

Payment Structure

You get paid 3 BTC2 for each real new person that you invite.

In order to join;

Fill out this form:

Spreadsheet at:

New logo design:

Terms & Conditions:
1. Create a 1024x1024 logo for Bitcoin 2 that looks good when it is small too. Such as 64x64 px.
2. In the logo it should be more clear that it is a Bitcoin 2 logo, than our current orange coin. (The 2 inside is a bit hard to see in smaller versions of the logo.)
3. Don't bother trying unless you are a good Graphic Designer.
4. Submit your logo entries to this thread.
5. If your logo gets chosen, you will be contacted to send us the .PSD and/or .SVG file and give us the copyright to it (or make it public domain) to get the reward of 100 BTC2.

Signature Campaign:

Terms & Conditions:
1. Must be ranked Member or above to participate in this campaign. Copper members can also participate.
2. Minimum 10 meaningful and useful posts per week.
3. Negative trust as well as banned members aren't eligible for joining in this campaign without special permission. During the campaign period, if you receive a valid negative trust from a member, or get banned by a moderator, you'll be disqualified immediately from the signature campaign. If you have negative trust but you are given permission to be in the signature campaign anyway, you will need to do at least 20 eligible posts per week instead of 10/week.
4. You must not change the signature while you are participating in the campaign. You'll be monitored frequently by the campaign manager.
5. Posts in Games & Rounds, Off topic, Lending, Auctions, Archival, Investor based games, Micro earnings, Korean, Polski, Dutch, Română, Skandinavisk, "Other languages/locations", Hebrew, India, Croatian or Arabic will not be counted for payment.
6. Spam, "+1",  flaming, single word (or image), short sentence, writing "bump" only, trolling, “me too”, “thanks”,  smileys only - these posts will not be counted.
7. Wearing multiple signatures is not allowed. Anyone wearing multiple signatures will be kicked out from the campaign without payment.
8. Counted posts must have at least 70 characters. (excluding symbols, punctuation and smileys)
9. Posts in threads related to signature campaigns or bounty campaigns or on any contest threads will not be counted.
10. If you leave our campaign for another, please post in this thread to let us know. Not doing so will result in loss of stakes.
11. If the rank of a participant gets promoted, he will have to post here as a reminder for updating our spreadsheet.
12. You must first complete the Starter Campaign or indicate in the form that you already joined our previous bounty campaign.
13. Counted weeks start on Monday UTC, but if you join between Tuesday and Saturday, and you make at least 5 posts before the next Monday since joining, you'll get half of the weekly BTC2 payment for the first partial week.
14. February 25 2019 is the last Monday of this bounty Campaign, and thus you may remove or change your signature on that day as no further signature bounty payments are counted after that.
15. Every week after you have done the 10 or more posts in that week, reply to this thread with the link to the first and the last post of the week that can be counted, or all of them.

          ○  Members/Copper members: 20 BTC2/week
          ○  Full Members: 25 BTC2/week
          ○  Senior Members: 30 BTC2/week
          ○  Hero/Legendary Members: 35 BTC2/week

(*There will be no additional payment for wearing the avatar.)