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What is WHIRL?

WHIRL is a socially driven, “pay it forward”-style crowdfunding platform that’s built on the blockchain. On WHIRL, you can only submit a fundraising campaign after you’ve donated to others, creating a positive feedback loop of generosity. WHIRL is inspired by historic community giving funds, but uses blockchain technology to enable anyone to participate, regardless of currency or geography. WHIRL is reinventing philanthropy by helping global nonprofits and charitable organizations access a new source of capital.

WHIRL’s mission

WHIRL is improving the lives of people around the world by giving them a new, better way to raise money for their projects, passions, and obligations, without having to ship rewards, ask friends and family for donations, or take out expensive loans. WHIRL is connecting people with one-another in mutual self-support, regardless of what they need money for, where they’re from, or who they are. 

What makes WHIRL different?

WHIRL is the only crowdfunding platform that’s built on mutual self-support. Fundraisers raise money without shipping rewards or asking friends and family for charity. Backers earn karma points, which enable them to create their own fundraising campaigns later and determine their campaign’s position in WHIRL’s launch queue.

WHIRL only allows a limited number of campaigns to raise money at once, ensuring that everyone gets to share equally in the limelight. Active campaigns get chosen by a fair and transparent queue. This system solves one of the biggest problems facing crowdfunding today: declining success rate. (In the beginning, WHIRL will only list one project a time, but as the community grows that number will ramp-up proportionally.)

WHIRL is a socially-driven platform that gives special attention and platform benefits to campaigns by confirmed charitable organizations.

Because WHIRL is built on the blockchain, it’s truly global and facilitates payments with cryptocurrency in addition to fiat. There’s much less risk of fake donors, chargebacks, or banking friction. And fees are far lower than traditional crowdfunding platforms.

How WHIRL works

    In the beginning, WHIRL will list one fundraising campaign at a time to maximize exposure. Campaigns can cover any category (within WHIRL’s terms of service), from help paying medical bills to support starting or expanding a business.

    You can donate to campaigns directly with crypto or fiat. In return, you’ll receive 7 karma points for every dollar you spend. If you own WHIRL’s cryptocurrency, WRL, you’ll earn 10 karma per dollar. (Supporting the campaign with partner crypto, like KICK, will earn you 8.5 karma per dollar.) If you donate to a campaign from a featured nonprofit or charitable organization, you earn a bonus to karma.

    Once you reach 500 karma, you’re eligible to submit a campaign of your own. Tell WHIRL more about your campaign and fill out a KYC form. A moderator will review the campaign and, if it complies with site guidelines, they’ll approve it for the queue.

    If you work for a recognized nonprofit or charity organization, WHIRL will give your campaign access to one of two special featured placements. WHIRL will also waive platform fees, fast-track your placement, and incentivize backers with bonus karma.

    WHIRL uses a fair and transparent queuing system that prioritizes those with the most karma, but won’t forget you if you’ve been waiting a long time. No matter what, if you’ve entered the queue, your campaign will get listed.

    Sometimes, disaster strikes and funds are needed quickly. If your fundraising campaign ties directly to an urgent humanitarian crisis (like a natural disaster), WHIRL can fast-track it.

    Once your campaign has finished fundraising, your karma resets and the next campaign goes live. Now that you’ve had a successful raise, you’ll be excited to support others and immediately begin to work your way back to a new campaign. WHIRL anticipates that 90% of campaign creators will immediately begin the process anew.

Charitable Giving

Reinventing social giving and philanthropy is one of WHIRL's core values. WHIRL will partner with leading non-profit organizations to give them white glove access to the platform. These organizations will pay no campaign listing fees and have their campaigns featured in a special "charity" slots. WHIRL members who donate to these campaigns will also receive a major Karma boost.
Market opportunity
  •     Global dollars spent on crowdfunding platforms in 2018: $9.37 billion
  •     Projected dollars spent by 2022: $26 billion
  •     Average funding per campaign in 2018: $1,065
  •     Number of campaigns in 2018: 8.8 million
  •     Projected number of campaigns in 2022: 17.25 million
  •     Largest market: China, followed by the U.S. and the EU

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Tokensale        26 Nov 2018

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