Sunday, February 10, 2019

Your Beauty Marketplace of The Joy (JOY)

The Joy aims to bring more joy into everyone's life by building the first beauty and wellness ecosystem. The Joy is made for consumers as well as for service providers.

Everyone likes to treat themselves, however, going to the beauty salons can often be a hassle. First, you need to find a nearby salon that fits your requirements and budget, then, you need to book an appointment and get to the salon. For a 3.7 billion USD market, this procedure is somehow outdated. Yet until today, there is no Uber or Deliveroo for the Beauty treatment industry. Well, there wasn´t - The Joy aims precisely that.

The Joy makes the whole procedure more convenient and allows you to treat yourself, even during your hectic everyday life. Consumers can book their desired treatment (Massage, Haircut, Nails etc.) from anywhere on their smartphones via The Joy. Users can choose from a wide range of providers, check the providers' ratings and prices and get instant confirmations for their booked appointments. Furthermore, they can participate in bonus programs, take surveys and rate their treatments afterwards and receive rewards in Joycoins. Those coins they can later use for further treatments, discounts or simply cash them out. While this is a great tool for consumers, The Joy is also an attractive marketplace for service providers and advertisers. They can market their services and/or salons within the ecosystem and build an additional sales channel for their business. However, The Joy isn´t limited to this alone; service providers can use The Joy booking system free of charge, manage multiple salons through one account, get their clients directed to them and even provide them with parking tips. They can furthermore easily track their revenue stream through The Joy within the app, get detailed statistics and market themselves through the ecosystem. By getting high ratings and receiving frequent bookings they will get opportunities for sponsorships within the industry. Advertisers can place their products and ads offline on uniforms, vehicles or salons of the service providers, conduct more meaningful surveys and place ads to targeted users. They can additionally access The Joy´s Big Data and find promising advertising places for their products.

JOY will be the currency of the ecosystem and besides being used as the payment method for all kind of treatments and advertising through The Joy, JOY can also be earned for supporting promotional campaigns, inviting new users to the ecosystem, completing surveys and many more activities.

The Joy already reached their soft cap within the Seed Round and is now shortly starting their public sale with bonuses up to 50%. If you want to take part, you can register on their website.

💎 Documents:

📗 Whitepaper — The Joy Whitepaper 
📘 Litepaper — The Joy Litepaper

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📲 Android App — The Joy BETA App
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✅ Bitcointalk — The Joy Bitcointalk ANN
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💎 ICO - Information/Dates:

Token type: ETH (ERC20)
ICO Price: 1 JOY = 0.015 USD
Min purchase: 50 USD
Total supply: 2,400,000,000 JOY
Soft Cap: 2,100,000 USD (Reached in Seed Round)  
Hard Cap: 17,400,000 USD

💎 Our Score: 

💡 3/5 

The Joy has a sizeable and experienced team, a working BETA and a promising market. However, while we do think it´s a solid idea, we do not really see the need of blockchain technology for the platform to work. Additionally, if they reach their proposed hard cap, we have some concerns with the fund usage(For instance: 2.958 Million dollars for office rent, equipment, maintenance and uniforms). Furthermore, The Joy is entering a very competitive market, a variety of apps offer similar services, although not to the extent as The Joy is aiming.