Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Airdrop Galaxy Wallet 50-1000 GC

GALAXY WALLET AIRDROP: Please send your ETH address to 🤖@GalaxyAirdropBot🤖 to claim your tokens, NOT in this chat - You can get at least 50 GCs for entering your address:rocket::rocket:

When can I receive my GC token?
Tokens will be sent to your address before it gets listed on an exchange. We will make an announcement beforehand, stay tuned!

How can I check my balance?This function will be available in this bot soon.

When will GC be listed on an exchange?We are actively developing and refining our product right now. Once our product is ready to launch, we will start the process of listing our GC tokens on major exchanges. We will make an announcement when we have confirmation with an exchange.

Why wasn't I able to participate in the Lucky Draw?You get 1 spin for simply joining the group. Sometimes the animation doesn’t play, but your reward was sent – a check balance function is coming soon. If you still weren't able to get any tokens, please contact admin for help

Why didn't I get other spin after I invited my friend?Your friend must join the group and participate in the Lucky Draw to get an additional spin. You can check the' My Referrals' button from @GalaxyAirdropBot

You can also find us here to learn more:

Website: www.galaxywallet.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Galaxy_Wallet
Medium: https://medium.com/@galaxywallet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GalaxyWallet