Monday, May 20, 2019

CSID Airdrop

 250 CSID ~ $12,50 USD
Join the CSID Airdrop now and earn 250 free CSID tokens with an estimated value of $12,50 USD.
Our step-by-step guide makes it as easy as possible for you to get your free tokens.

CSID AIRDROP: Step-by-step
Difficulty: Easy
Ends: N/A

Telegram Twitter 

1. Open CSID Airdrop form
2. Use the code @SpasTokens in referral code field, thanks
3. Submit ETH wallet address
4. Join Telegram group
5. Join Telegram group #2
6. Join Telegram channel
7. Join Telegram channel #2
8. Follow Twitter
9. Receive 250 CSID ~ $12,50

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Welcome to Multi-Cryptocurrency Atomic Wallet

Atomic is a decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The wallet uses BitTorrent technology for distributed order book and atomic swap technology for cross-chain custody free exchange. Atomicwallet also features instant exchange options - Changelly and ShapeShift. Atomic supports more than 300 crypto-currencies, to see the full list Atomic Wallet:

Atomic Swap features:
  • Cross-chain Atomic Swaps between any BTC-LTC-QTUM pair
  • Blockchain-based peer-to-peer order execution
  • Fast and secure data transfer with Atomic Distributed Orderbook
  • Custody free solution without any third-party risks and fees
  • Flexible Market order margin and fast rate update
  • Trading history blockchain storage
Assets management:
  • Receive and send over 300+ cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH (Buy Ethereum), LTC (Buy Litecoin), XRP (Buy Ripple), DGB, DASH, ETC, QTUM, BCH (Buy Bitcoin Cash), XLM, ZEC, XMR and ERC20 tokens
  • Custom token feature: you can add any ERC20 token to Atomic Wallet in a minute
  • Exchange assets via Changelly or Shapeshift with floating or fixed rate
  • Track your portfolio in different fiat currencies
Atomic Wallet partnered with the largest EU licensed card processing company, Simplex. With the first request to Buy Bitcoin -, you need to pass the verification process (only once).

When you request to buy crypto. Your issuer bank will hold the money, then you will receive crypto on your wallet in less than 24 hours.  In most cases, you will receive them in less than an hour. Atomic is a convenient way to buy a cryptocurrency and then manage it in one place.

Security and migration:
  • Strong encryption and custody-free solution guarantees a high level of security
  • Users can export private keys in different formats
  • Private key storage is personal, which means the funds are controlled by its users
Mobile Wallet

The Atomic wallet is also supported on mobile devices including iOS and Android and are available for download from their respective stores. This is helpful for those users who would like to transact with their wallet while on the go.

I took a look into the reviews that are up in the Google Play store and the feedback appears to be quite positive. Most of the users were complimentary of the user interface and the functionality / coin support.
There were some suggestions around potential areas for improvement. For example, some people suggested that order customisation was limited in the wallet. What I also found really encouraging was that the Atomic wallet team was quick to respond to these queries even if they were not the most complimentary.

The User Interface

Just like Exodus wallet gained rave reviews for its beautiful interface when it was released late in 2016, the Atomic Wallet is also getting the same love for its sleek and user-friendly interface.

Navigation on the desktop wallet is on the left and you can easily move between the numerous functions. There are also a host of specific customisation options that you have at your disposal in the settings.

Something else that I found was super simple to use was their airdrop feature. This allows you to participate in any coming airdrops or bounties that are related to a particular token you have added. This could reduce the risk that many users may face when claiming airdrops from other online faucets etc.

Atomic Wallet Token

It was no surprise to me to see that Atomic wallet is completing a crowd token sale. They are selling their own native token that will be called the Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC). This is an ERC20 token that will be based on the Ethereum Mainnet and will be used for the following:
  • Atomic Swap exchange and new asset listings
  • Interface highlights and features
  • To increase the atomic swap rating
In terms of the token sale specifics, it is now open only for the private sale. They are distributing 50m AWC tokens in this private sale. The crowdsale will follow after that with 15m AWC being distributed. There is no announcement yet as to when this will take place.

It’s an exciting project doing great things, and the future should be very interesting.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

GLOBAL PROPERTY REGISTER [RND 3] - 440 XRX ($44 + ref) 4.5 / 5 (100%)

Global Property Register (GPR) is the first universal real estate register that will be worldwide in nature, covering both developed and developing countries. It will provide proof of ownership for the over 4.5 bn people around the world who are currently are not covered and hence cut off from the real estate and financial markets.

Global Property Register is airdropping 440 XRX tokens worth  $44 to each airdrop participant. Also invite friends to earn additional 100 XRX tokens. Global Property Register is rated 4.5 on ICO Bench.

Her is how to join:

1    Signup at  Global Property Register. (20 XRX)
2    Signup at  FinexBox Exchange for GPR IEO. (20 XRX)
3    Start chat with GPR Airdrop Telegram BOT.
4    Join their Telegram Group (100 XRX).
5    Join their Telegram Channel (100 XRX).
6    Join their Facebook Group (100 XRX).
7    Follow them on Twitter (100 XRX).
8    Submit your Email and ETH-address to the BOT.
9    You will get 440 XRX tokens. Also Invite friends to earn 100 XRX tokens.